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TANSA began in 2012 under the name NASA, for National Aggie Scholar Ambassadors. In 2016, NASA underwent a name change to Texas A&M National Scholar Ambassadors, or TANSA.

As many rival universities began increasing efforts to attract gifted high school students, Texas A&M sought to recruit National Scholars in a personal, welcoming manner truly indicative of the Aggie Spirit. A small cohort of Texas A&M students, all National Scholars as high schoolers, was assembled, and TANSA was born. Now partnered with Texas A&M University’s Office of Admissions, TANSA has grown to over 80 members, all working to recruit National Merit Scholars and National Hispanic Scholars to Texas A&M.

how we work

Throughout the year, TANSA takes part in events hosted by the Office of Admissions. At these events, TANSA members interact with prospective students and their families. Members share why they chose Texas A&M as their home, discuss questions lingering in students' and parents' minds, and offer words of advice for the college decision-making process. But above all, TANSA is dedicated to helping all prospective students find the right home for them, be it Texas A&M or elsewhere. 

TANSA members also lead Q&A panels, give personal campus tours, work summer-time prospective student camps, and aid in many other impromptu events. 

growing tansa

As TANSA has grown, it has also become a community for National Scholars now at Texas A&M. From social events and fundraisers, to volunteer work and traveling, TANSA works to provide a support system of avid learners and bright spirits for every new crop of National Scholar Aggies. TANSA now prides itself on the large proportion of its membership that was attracted to Texas A&M after interacting with TANSA as a high schooler.

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